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We use powerful hardware and software to digitize your physical documents. Our staff of attorneys, software developers, digital strategists, and scanning technicians ensure the process meets the highest level of quality and standards.

We scan documents for some of the nation’s top law firms and understand the importance of accuracy and simplicity.

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Email E-Discovery Services

Collecting, scouring, and searching emails

Collecting, scouring, and searching emails can occupy countless man-hours and set back your productivity. Locating critical attachments for litigation in emails or strings of emails is time-consuming and expends resources that could be dedicated to advancing your client’s best interests.

Boston OCR can provide you with swift access to the target of your search and get you back to what you need to do to prosecute or defend your case. In this fast paced world, Boston OCR focuses on getting you electronic access and recovery of all this critical information and provides you with an unassailable record of when, who, why, and where your client, opposing counsel, or the Government sent you that critical information.

Boston OCR will put you on the cutting edge of todays electronic access technology.

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Hard Drives, Servers, & Network Data E-Discovery Services

Backup and Analyze Data

Hard drives and external media devices present unique challenges for litigators. None of us want to surrender computers, hard drives or external media without first assuring we have the data and we have done all we can to protect against destructive recovery efforts by experts out of our control.

Boston OCR can and will back up all that critical information from these sources so you know that should there be a claim that material was missing or purposefully removed, or you are challenged with some information but not given all the information, you have it in your hand and can meet these issues with unassailable proof. With Boston OCR you can defeat any claim of manipulation or spoliation of data and fulfill your obligations of due diligence to your clients.

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Our Servers & Systems

Your Data Will Be Secure

Boston OCR provides encrypted and security protected servers and web servers to store all your sensitive and critical information. Each of our servers can handle as many documents as you can provide safely and securely but easily accessible to you.

Your electronically stored data and documents are in your control remotely and by encrypted username and password. As an administrator you set up further access if you choose. You can limit access to certain data and track who, when, and how that data was accessed. You control who in your team gets to access what. Need a copy of any document. Just print it.

You do not have to be concerned that a paper document will get lost, misfiled, misplaced, or destroyed. The original is in electronic form on the server and available to you with just a click.

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Scanning Paper Documents

Professional Document Scanning

The old days of having staff spend hours and hours collating paper documents, hole punching, placing the paper documents in file folders or binders, typing out labels or indexes, and storing these files in a locked cabinet or room are gone. Paper documents are important, critical really. Many, many times these records are originals and necessary for admission into evidence or to disclose to a Court as an exhibit or attachment to an important pleading. Boston OCR will scan your originals, with original signatures, notes, or writing, store these paper document electronically, safely and securely, and we will store the originals for you or return them to you. Boston OCR fulfills your directives, not our policies. Paper documents are important. Let us secure them for you future use.

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Other Services

Additional Digital and Scanning Services

Boston OCR has many services that will guarantee the safe-keeping and electronic storage of your documents. Boston OCR can provide pick-up services by our trusted team or a trusted third party. Our location in Winthrop has a full loading dock for even the largest of document deliveries. Boston OCR is partnered with the premier document storage software platform designed by attorneys for attorneys; Chronologics© which can provide you with sophisticated and premier storage and access functions with the litigator in mind. We can Bates stamp and collate your documents for production. We can structure your electronic files in electronic files identical to the files containing the documents you provided, or you can provide us with new file names. We can electronically tag your boxes, so you know where the documents came from. We can electronically tag your files as well, and we keep grouped documents in groups, so you know the genus of important materials instead of having to reconstruct separated documents in your electronic files.

Boston OCR has many, many tools we can place at your disposal but, most importantly, Boston OCR follows your design, your directives, and your choices. Boston OCR strives to be the best litigation support team you will ever have.

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