There can be nothing more troubling than dealing with thousands or hundreds of thousands of documents in litigation.

Electronic storage of paper documents in litigation provides a secure and reliable solution to handling and repeated handling of paper documents, records, receipts, post-it (c) notes, handwritten nots, ledgers, notebooks, and all manner of records.

The logistics of storage and access alone can be a nightmare.

Once converted by Boston OCR you can access your paper documents quickly and easily as many times as you look.  You can set permissions, limit access and track who and when your paper documents, now electronically stored, are viewed.

You need not be concerned a document will be misplaced, lost, or destroyed simply because it has been handled too many times.  If you need a hard copy, simply print item out.  the electronic document is maintained in the system for future access and use.  Electronic document storage needs the complaints that a document has been manipulated, altered, or changes.  By setting permissions on modifying your files you can limit and end any challenge the document is not the original and establish the exact day, date, and time it was added to the system.

Dealing with heavy paper document litigation is easy with Boston OCR.  Securing the history of any document is simple and unequivocal.  Boston OCR can handle storage of your paper documents too.  Just tell us your needs and we will meet them.  Boston OCR is the solution for all your paper document needs.