Faced with abusive discovery demands and no recourse in limiting the request?

Boston OCR can scan, download, and organize your documents according to your directives into any software platform or server or into Chronologics©, the premier documents software platform used by Boston OCR.

The use of electronic discovery is a proven and acceptable means of meeting discovery demands.  It is now predominate in the legal profession and soon, as it is in the Federal courts, all counsel will be under a mandate to take all reasonable steps to limit the amount of paper and to allow electronic access to discovery.

Do you have legitimate concerns your client(s) may be subjected to a search and seizure of their records and documents?

Boston OCR can scan, download, and electronically store all these documents before they are seized.  You do not have to log every document to assure you have the documents you need to defend your case.

With electronic storage, you have everything they have.  You do not have to rely on their “good faith”.  Electronic discovery is the future that is already here.  Boston OCR can make you a part of it.