Boston OCR has been designed specifically to handle the heavy demands of litigation.  Whether you have received a discovery demand in a civil case, medical malpractice case, or whether you have demands from the Federal or your state government, Boston OCR can handle scanning as many documents as you provide, organize, and set up access by as many persons you wish.

Boston OCR can also work closely with litigation support services and will adhere to your directives on how you would like your documents stored, accessed, and organized.  And, if you are interested in maintaining your client’s file structure, Boston OCR will label your electronic files accordingly and store the documents of each hard file in the appropriately labeled electronic file.


Boston OCR is partnered with Chronologics©, a sophisticated and user friendly premier file storage software platform designed by attorneys for attorneys.  With Chronologics© you need not be concerned with how, when, or who has accessed your files.

Need a number of attorneys or litigation support personnel to access your files? 

Not a problem.  Chronologics© will allow you to set permissions, limit access and will track user’s and their access to your files.

Concerned about tracking documents or “chain of custody”? 

Also, not a problem.  Chronologics© will automatically Bate stamp and/or encode each document so you can easily control which documents you release, when they are released, and to whom they are released.   Chronologics© provides an easily navigable side bar that can instantly transport you to the focus of your search and provides you with the tools you need to get to that document without having to scroll through multiple documents or files.

Of course, if you would like us to store your documents on your server or a server of your choice, Boston OCR will follow your directives without question and can advise you on the best way to organize your server for security and best practices.

Are your files far away? 

Boston OCR can arrange for secure pickup or delivery of your files.  Boston OCR has a fully functional loading dock and materials elevator that provides ease in transporting your files, no matter how many.

You also need not be concerned about your hard files once Boston OCR has scanned and stored them electronically.  Boston OCR can store your hard files or return them to you.  Because Boston OCR systems have been designed with litigation in mind, we understand how valuable your files are to you.  Each box of your hard files will be stored safely and labeled according to how they were received by Boston OCR.  Chain of custody will be preserved.  Spoliation is not a threat.